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Understanding "Brain Freeze" May be Key to Migraine Treatment, Says Study

(ABC News) While most of us love ice cream, we certainly don't love the jarring headache -- the "brain freeze" -- that happens to some people after eating a bit of it.
What causes this phenomenon has long baffled scientists, but in new research presented at this year's Experimental Biology meeting, scientists may have identified the cause as a change in the brain's blood flow associated with consuming cold drinks or desserts…
[Jorge Serrador of Harvard Medical School] aid in a statement that the study, which isn't yet published, suggests that the increased blood flow can cause pain and the quick arterial constriction that follows may serve to bring pressure down…
He also explained that changes in blood flow to the brain may play a role in migraines and other types of headaches. If subsequent studies confirm these findings, they could have implications for treatment. Drugs that prevent the sudden arterial dilation could potentially be an effective remedy for these debilitating headaches.
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