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Key Genes That Switch Off With Aging Highlighted as Potential Targets for Anti-Aging Therapies

(Science Daily) Researchers at King's College London, in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, have identified a group of 'aging' genes that are switched on and off by natural mechanisms called epigenetic factors, influencing the rate of healthy aging and potential longevity.
The study also suggests these epigenetic processes … can be caused by external factors such as diet, lifestyle and environment…
Dr Jordana Bell from King's College London, who co-led the study said: … 'We identified many age-related epigenetic changes, but four seemed to impact the rate of healthy aging and potential longevity and we can use these findings as potential markers of aging. These results can help understand the biological mechanisms underlying healthy aging and age-related disease, and future work will explore how environmental effects can affect these epigenetic changes.'
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