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Iron Reduction May Disrupt Alzheimer's Disease Process

(Science Daily)  [A]n increasing amount of evidence suggests that changes in the way the body handles iron and other metals like copper and zinc may start years before the onset of [Alzheimer's disease (AD)] symptoms. A new study shows that reducing iron levels in blood plasma may protect the brain from changes related to AD.
In the current study, … rabbits were fed a high-cholesterol diet which caused them to accumulate plaques of a small protein called beta-amyloid (Aẞ). These plaques are toxic to neurons and central to the development of Alzheimer's disease… Following treatment with a drug called deferiprone (an iron chelator), the iron level in the rabbits' blood plasma was reduced and the levels of both beta-amyloid and phosphorylated tau in the brain were returned to normal levels.
Community: From another study: “‘But there are things [people] can do to reduce their iron levels through relatively simple actions,’ Bartzokis said. ‘These include not overloading themselves with over-the-counter supplements that contain iron, unless recommended by their doctor; eating less red meat, which contains high levels of iron; donating blood; and possibly taking natural iron-chelating substances, molecules that bind to and remove iron, such as curcumin  [an Indian spice in turmeric] or green tea, that may have positive health consequences.’”
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