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Report: 1 in 5 Adults Had Mental Illness in 2010

(WebMD Health News) A new federal report estimates that 20% of American adults -- more than 45 million people -- had some form of mental illness in 2010.
The annual survey, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), shows a very slight increase in rates of mental illness compared to those reported in the 2009 survey. Overall, according to the latest survey, the numbers have remained steady.
“Today’s report issued by SAMHSA provides further evidence that we need to continue efforts to monitor levels of mental illness in the United States in order to effectively prevent this important public health problem and its negative impact on total health,” Ileana Arias, PhD, principal deputy director of the CDC, says in a news release accompanying the report.
Community: Suicides are more prevalent during economic downturns, and also when Republicans are in power. But don’t try to tell me that Democrats are in power right now—they’re not. They give in to the Republicans on almost everything.
Our Constitution states that we the people founded our government, in part, to “promote the general welfare.” I submit that our elected officials are failing us and the Constitution when they don’t do everything in their power to keep the economy on an even keel.
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