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Estrogen helps nighttime hot flashes, not sleep

(Reuters Health) Women who wake up at least three times during the night from bothersome hot flashes wake up less when they take estrogen, but the quality of their sleep remains the same, according to a new study.
"There may be a benefit for treating with estrogen, but in no way does it show that you can use estrogens as a general sleep aid," said lead author Dr. Kathleen Reape, the vice president for medical affairs and women's health at Watson Pharmaceuticals.
Estrogen is already known to reduce hot flashes in women going through menopause, Reape told Reuters Health…
Reape said it's important that women discuss the benefits and risks associated with estrogen therapy to treat their hot flashes.
Studies have found that certain kinds of hormone therapy might increase the risk of stroke and other health problems.
Estrogen can also carry side effects, such as weight gain, breast tenderness and an upset stomach.
Community: Estrogen replacement therapy has been linked to breast cancer, but short-term use may not be to risky.
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