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Bloomberg Predicts Fair Deal if Health Insurer Gets For-Profit Status

(New York Times) Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Friday that he expected an agreement would be reached to satisfy the city’s concerns about a plan backed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to allow a major nonprofit insurer to be converted into a for-profit company.
The conversion of the insurer, EmblemHealth, which provides health coverage for most New York City public workers, would most likely provide at least $1 billion in one-time revenue for New York’s cash-hungry state government.
The Bloomberg administration has objected for years to such a move, saying it could drive up the city’s health insurance costs. But on Friday, although there was no evidence that a deal was imminent, the mayor said he had “no interest in stopping the governor from getting a billion dollars for the state budget.”
“We will find some way, I’m convinced,” Mr. Bloomberg said on his weekly radio program.
Community: If there were an ongoing benefit, I’d approve. But because it’s a one-time payment, it’s like selling their birthright. Why not sell the Brooklyn Bridge, too, or the name of the island of Manhattan?
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