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Study: Potassium Boosts Heart Health, Salt Harms It

(HealthDay News) Too much salt and too little potassium in your diet may boost your risk for cardiovascular disease and death, a new study shows.
Earlier studies had found an association between high blood pressure and high levels of salt consumption and low levels of potassium intake. The combination of high salt -- sometimes called sodium -- and low potassium appears to convey a stronger risk for cardiovascular disease and death than each mineral alone, the study authors said.
"The combination of high sodium and low potassium is really a double whammy for cardiovascular risk and for mortality," said lead researcher Dr. Frank B. Hu.
Diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables are associated with better heart health, [assistant professor of clinical nutrition Lona] Sandon said. "Fruits and vegetables are your best natural sources of potassium and they are naturally low in sodium," she explained.
Community: Everyday Health lists dietary sources of potassium (scroll down). It’s also available as a dietary supplement,  but Everyday Health also warns that too much potassium can cause adverse effects.
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