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Going into hospital far riskier than flying: WHO

(Reuters) Millions of people die each year from medical errors and infections linked to health care and going into hospital is far riskier than flying, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.
"If you were admitted to hospital tomorrow in any country... your chances of being subjected to an error in your care would be something like 1 in 10. Your chances of dying due to an error in health care would be 1 in 300," Liam Donaldson, the WHO's newly appointed envoy for patient safety, told a news briefing.
This compared with a risk of dying in an air crash of about 1 in 10 million passengers, according to Donaldson, formerly England's chief medical officer.
"It shows that health care generally worldwide still has a long way to go," he said.
Community: I’ve made the same comparison myself. Imagine pilots banding together, as doctors have done, to tell us they’ll police themselves, and how they do it is none of our business.
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