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More people die of hatred than other cause

(UPI) More people have died because of human hatred than from any other human cause, a U.S. professor says.
"Yet we still do not know enough about how hatred works and how to prevent and combat it," John Shuford, director of the Gonzaga University Institute for Hate Studies, in Spokane, Wash., said in a statement.
The Gonzaga University Institute for Hate Studies is hosting the Second International Conference on Hate Studies Wednesday through Saturday in Spokane.
The conference purpose is to foster better understanding of the nature of hatred, develop more effective models and approaches for combating it and consider the implications for practice across many fields, Shuford said.
Community: There seems to be in humans some built-in fear of the “other”, or anyone outside the clan or tribe, but according to Robert Sapolsky, writing in Foreign Affairs in 2006, “Humans may be hard-wired to get edgy around the Other, but our views on who falls into that category are decidedly malleable.” So there’s hope that we can overcome hatred and its consequences. But we have to have the will to do it.
In the current climate, some people are promoting hatred, for their own political benefit. Sadly, we all lose when they succeed.
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