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The No-Guilt Diet

(RealAge.com) The next time a double-fudge brownie indulgence has you racked with guilt, remember this: Guilt just guarantees that brownie will go straight to your belly.

How? By causing you to ditch healthy eating completely. A recent study revealed that feeling bad for backsliding may cause people to abandon weight loss efforts altogether. So tell that self-imposed guilt trip to hit the road. Just forgive yourself and move on.

In the recent study, researchers examined differing food attitudes and their impact on body composition. And the women in the study who were "guilt-ridden dieters" had a higher body mass index (BMI) than the women who tended not to be racked by guilt over occasional slips. This led researchers to suspect that guilt-ridden people adopt an "all-or-nothing" attitude with dieting. One misstep can lead to complete abandonment of their healthy-eating plans. (Here are some other interesting gems on why many diets don't work.)…

Get your diet back on track with these U-turn tips from the YOU Docs.

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Community: All or nothing is definitely my tendency, but I finally started to realize that it’s my brain’s way of sabotaging my efforts to change. To defeat it, I’ve had to learn to think incrementally.

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