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Diet without crankiness

(Chicago Tribune) It is possible to cut calories and lose weight without constantly feeling hungry and irritable, dietitians say. Here's their advice:
Eat "good" carbohydrates. Healthy carbohydrates boost levels of serotonin, a hormone produced in the brain that boosts mood. Get these nutrients from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Lose weight gradually. Suddenly slashing calories will make you very grouchy. Most people should aim to drop no more than a pound or two a week.
Go for variety
Stay away from junk. Sugary foods and drinks create a sudden burst of energy followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar, in turn, causes irritability, mood swings and problems with focus.
Eat often
Get enough fiber. This substance, found in plants and whole-grain cereals and breads, slows absorption of sugar from the bloodstream and can help prevent mood swings. Fiber-rich foods also keep you feeling full longer.
Get enough B-vitamins. Studies suggest low levels of folic acid and vitamin B12, in particular, may be linked to depression. Good choices include lentils, oatmeal, broccoli, sunflower seeds, shellfish, low-fat dairy products and fortified breakfast cereals.
Exercise. Regular workouts boost the brain's production of serotonin. Getting out in the sunlight is even better.
Community: But watch out for loads of sugar and salt in the breakfast cereals. And I can’t aim for any weight loss at all. I have to aim for healthy eating because it makes me feel good.
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