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Deficit panel eyes another bite at healthcare

(Reuters) Concern over rising U.S. debt could force lawmakers to take another crack at reining in healthcare costs long before any promised savings from President Barack Obama's sweeping overhaul are realized…

It is unclear how much more can be squeezed out of Medicare given the uncertainties and political realities surrounding the overhaul. But a fiscal commission asked by Obama to recommend ways to reduce the deficit and slow the growth of U.S. debt plans to tackle the issue.

"It is the biggest issue. There is no question," said Erskine Bowles, co-chairman of the commission…

Whatever the deficit commission recommends, Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra, a member of the panel, said in an interview that it is important budget cutters keep in mind the human face behind the numbers.

"What I am concerned about is that we are going to do this number crunching in a sterile environment that doesn't take into account the reality of day to day life for Americans," he said.

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Community: Isn’t it odd that concern over the rising U.S. debt never, ever, brings up the topic of how much money we are wasting on foreign wars?

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