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Tumor In Ancient Foot Bone Suggests Paleo Diet Overrated

(Popular Science) A group of researchers from the University of The Witerwatersrand’s Evolutionary Studies Institute and the South African Centre for Excellence in PalaeoSciences published two papers on Thursday detailing a discovery of a foot bone with a large tumor protruding from its surface. Found in South Africa, the bone came from a bipedal human ancestor who lived approximately 1.7 million years ago…
This “caveman diet” is supposed to reduce your risk for what creator Loren Cordain ambiguously calls “chronic disease.” The paleo diet’s website is chock full of articles suggesting that the strict food choices can prevent and even fight cancer.
Although one cancerous bone can't actually prove that the paleo diet doesn't reduce your risk of cancer, this new evidence adds to the growing pile of challenges against the diet. Unfortunately for Cordain and paleo dieters, cancer's origins are a lot more complicated than what you eat--there are other components such as your genetics and your environment.
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