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The 4 Foods That Are Aging You - And What To Eat Instead

(Huffington Post) “As you get older, inflammation becomes the biggest problem,” [Dr. Erika] Schwartz said. “Inflammation creates aging and disease. An anti-inflammatory diet is the way to beat it.”
Research has linked many chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and more to inflammation. Simply put, Inflammation is your body’s response when your immune system is fighting off harmful things like certain bacteria and disease…
Avoid: Alcohol...
Instead, try water with lemon...
Avoid: Processed foods...
Instead, opt for healthy fats like avocados. They can improve your cholesterol, keep you feeling full with their fiber content and contain antioxidants. They’re also rich in carotenoids, which help to fight inflammation.
Avoid: Sugar substitutes...
If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you might try yogurt and fruit, as yogurt is high in calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis. Fruit, of course, is full of vitamin C and antioxidants.
Avoid: Dairy
Instead, eat more leafy green vegetables.
Community: Sorry, no way am I giving up dairy products. I don’t believe I have any intolerance to them.
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