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Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children

(BBC News) Parents who restrict their children to a vegan diet could face a jail term if a controversial bill is passed by the Italian parliament.
Such parents, the draft bill claims, are imposing a diet "devoid of essential elements for [children's] healthy and balanced growth".
It has been proposed by Elvira Savino of the centre-right Forza Italia party.
It follows a number of high-profile Italian cases where malnourished children have been taken into care.
In four cases over the last 18 months, malnourished children were hospitalised in Italy after being fed a vegan diet.
However, dieticians such as the American Dietetic Association say vegan diets are suitable for children but advise that care needs to be taken to ensure children are receiving the full range of required nutrients - in particular vitamin B12.
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