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What diabetes may be doing to your brain

(Philly.com) People with type 2 diabetes, the kind you are more likely to get as an adult, are at risk for a host of additional medical problems.
Stroke and heart attack. Kidney disease. Blindness. Skin infections. Numbness in the feet.
Add one more you and even your doctor may not have heard is connected: dementia. Diabetes at least doubles your risk of developing it. Even diabetics without dementia can have subtle cognitive problems…
Hence the growth in studies focusing on the role of diabetes, blood sugar, and insulin on the brain and, to a smaller degree, how changes in the brain may affect metabolism. Inflammation, a byproduct of diabetes, is another possible culprit. Scientists are also exploring whether medicines used to treat diabetics can help people with dementia. Insulin is being investigated as both a cause of brain problems and a possible treatment.
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