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Study: Obesity a Brain Disease, Sweet Fatty Foods Make You Eat More Even if You're Full

(Nature World News) Obesity is a brain disease that is only made worse by unhealthy Western diet, study said.
A person's brain retains food memories in the mind when he or she feels hungry. After eating, the food thoughts fade away so that food becomes less of a priority.
But according to researchers from Macquarie University in Australia, this natural brain process is hampered by high-fat, high-sugar and low-fruit, low-vegetable diet of Westerners.
Researchers said that sweet, fatty foods impair memory inhibition abilities of the hippocampus in the brain. As a result, the smell and sight of food trigger cravings even after eating a full meal.
"Even though they were full, they still wanted to eat the sweet and fatty junk food," Tuki Attuquayefio, co-researcher of the study, [said].
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