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Social Correlates of Longevity

(Josh Mitteldorf, ScienceBlog.com) Starve yourself.  Exercise until it hurts.  Buy expensive supplements and stay away from the foods you love most.  You may have the impression that living a long time is no fun at all.
But the good news is that the most powerful life extension strategies are things we want to do anyway.  Live in a way that makes you happy.  Connect deeply to friends and lovers.  Spend time with your children.  Enjoy sex more frequently.  Take leadership in your community.  Express yourself artistically.
The very reason that aging evolved is to stabilize death rates for the sake of the community… It would have served the community well if evolution might have arranged for leaders to have a longer life span than followers from the same community, the same pool of genes.
The take-home message:  Cooperative leadership is good for your health.  Earn the love and respect of your neighbors for your contributions to community life.
Comment: The importance of cooperation has major implications for society, as well as for individuals. I’d write a book about it, if I could ever find a publisher (http://bit.ly/Q3zdMU).
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