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Home Cooking Means Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk

(MedPage Today) Cooking meals at home was associated with a slightly lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, said researchers at the annual conference of the American Heart Association here.
Those who ate 11-14 lunches or dinners prepared at home per week -- or about two meals per day -- faced a lower risk of diabetes compared with those who ate only six or fewer homemade meals a week…
The authors also found that in 8 years of follow-up, those who ate more meals prepared at home had lower weight gain and risk of obesity (HR 0.87 for obesity), which could have accounted for the lower diabetes risk, said [Geng Zong, PhD].
"We tried to analyze the differences in the diets of these people, and we also found that those with more meals prepared at home have a slightly lower sugar sweetened beverage intake," said Zong. "This could be another bridge that links homemade meals and diabetes risk."
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