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Cryotherapy death calls benefits of the health trend into question

(CNN) Chelsea Ake-Salvacion was hoping to soothe her aching body at the end of the day by taking a quick dip in one of the cryotherapy tanks at the spa in Nevada where she worked. But the session ended tragically when the 24-year-old was found dead the next day, her body "rock-hard solid," according to a family member.
Although the details of Ake-Salvacion's death last week are not clear yet, advocates of cryotherapy — which involves short exposure to very cold temperatures — say the treatment is safe when used correctly. For example, cryotherapy centers generally do not allow people, even employees such as Ake-Salvacion, to go into the machines without supervision.
Ake-Salvacion's death may highlight the real risks of cryotherapy and also raise questions about whether it has real benefits.
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