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Low Physical Activity Responsible for 17 Percent of Cardiovascular Deaths in Argentina

(European Society of Cardiology) "Argentina has high rates of physical inactivity," said Dr Roberto Peidro, a leading member of the Argentine Society of Cardiology and vice-president of the Argentine Foundation of Cardiology. "Lack of free time is the most important excuse given by sedentary people. On the other hand, doctors give insufficient advice about exercise."…
The researchers found that engaging in less than 600 MET[metabolic equivalent tasks]/min/week (ie the minimum recommended level of physical activity) was responsible for 17% (7 278) of total cardiovascular deaths in Argentina in 2010…
Dr Poggio [sic] said: … "Our analysis suggests that engaging in at least 30 minutes of brisk walking 5 days a week would reduce cardiovascular mortality at any age, especially in women and those younger than 70 years of age. Our findings have public health implications and emphasise the importance of women in particular being more physically active."
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