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Five Foods to Fight Colds

(Appetite for Health) Feel a case of the sniffles coming on? Can’t stop sneezing? While winter is thought of as a time to celebrate the holidays, it also signals the beginning of cold and flu season.  Fortunately, there’s good news!  Here are five foods to fight colds.  Say goodbye to that stuffy nose!
Broccoli is exploding with Vitamin C, a nutrient that protects against immune system deficiencies…
Research shows that blueberries have the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants of all commonly consumed fruit…
This omega-3 rich fish not only helps reduce the risk of heart disease, but also encourages the production and movement of lymphocyte cells, which help to bolster immune response…
This starchy vegetable is bursting with beta–carotene for luscious locks and radiant skin.  When we eat sweet potatoes, our body converts beta-carotene to Vitamin A, an essential nutrient for maintaining a strong immune system.  Vitamin A also keeps the mucous membranes that line our nose and throat healthy and functioning…
Yogurt contains live and active cultures, which replenishes our immune system with healthy bacteria. Having just 1 cup of calcium-rich yogurt provides nearly 20% of the adult daily requirement for zinc, an essential mineral for healthy immune function.
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