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Exercise Tips

(McClatchy Newspapers) Hiking is a wonderful way to reconnect with your family. Not only are you getting exercise, you're also getting away from the distractions of TV and computers. It's satisfying to watch your children's eyes refocus on the world around them. But if the prospect of persuading your kids to walk anywhere, let alone in the wilderness, seems daunting, don't worry. These ideas can make the experience fun and low-stress. Just remember, it's about the journey, not the destination. Relax and enjoy the slower pace that hiking with kids can bring.
Community: Sounds like a good way to bond with grandkids.
(Reuters) Drumsticks, pounded on gym floors, clinked overhead and bounced on exercise balls, are among the latest workout tools to tap into the group fitness scene, according to fitness experts… "You're using the sticks as a mechanism to keep moving, and there's constant movement," said [Marc] Santa Maria, who is Crunch's New York regional director. "Your core has to be used for all the basic movements."
(RealAge.com) Put an end to your excuses and find the time to work out, no matter what. Here's how to start today . . .
(Singularity Hub) If there’s any indication that people are looking for exercise motivators, consider the employment outlook for fitness trainers, which is expected to be 10 percent higher than other occupations in the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rather than spending $60 for a single session with an average trainer, one company has a high-tech solution to keep you focused on your exercise goals: spend that money on a wearable activity tracker that syncs with your smartphone or computer.
(Shape.com) Get faster, stronger, leaner and sexier and recover in less time with these delicious picks.
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