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Eating the Cure

(Mark Hyman, MD) Disease is not a normal consequence of aging. Nagging symptoms, often heavily medicated, are not inevitable. They are the result of something very simple: Not following the basic laws of biology. Your body is a system, an ecosystem where everything is connected. When that system is out of balance, disease arises. And there are only a few ways the body becomes out of balance: Too much of the bad stuff (poor diet, stress, microbes, toxins and allergens), and not enough of the good stuff (whole, real fresh food, nutrients, movement, water, air, light, rest, sleep, rhythm, love, connection, meaning and purpose). These are the ingredients for a healthy human.
After practicing medicine for over 25 years, I am still startled to find how most of my patients do not connect what they eat with how they feel, thinking that disease is something that happens randomly, a thing that they get. Recent discoveries in the field of genomics, epigenetics and nutrigenomics provide a new paradigm for understanding how to treat disease. It is quite simple. Disease goes away as a side effect of getting healthy. You don’t have to treat the symptoms. Simply treat the cause and the symptoms vanish. Treat the system…
Here’s how to prevent, treat and reverse almost every chronic illness. It is based on what I call the “nutrigenomic index” or how to turn on all the genes that create health. Try it for one month and not only will you lose weight and boost your energy, but many of your chronic nagging symptoms will go away.
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