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Scientists Find Rationale for Remedies

(The People's Pharmacy) Readers of this newspaper column have been reporting their observations for more than three decades. Often these anecdotal reports resonate with others. Sometimes science even catches up to our readers.
That happened recently when a team of scientists reported their research at the 2012 Experimental Biology conference in San Francisco. The scientists used sophisticated Doppler devices to measure blood flow within the arteries of the brain. In this study, they induced "brain freeze" headaches by having the volunteers drink ice water through a straw aimed at the roof of the mouth…
Our readers may be one step ahead of them. Many have reported that deliberating inducing an ice cream headache at the onset of a migraine can often stop the pain in its tracks…
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Another home remedy that has some scientific support is the use of Vicks VapoRub against nail fungus. Readers have been reporting on this remedy since 1999. Now doctors are catching up. A report in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (Jan-Feb., 2011) suggests that Vicks does indeed foil fungus.
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