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Being Outside Is Good for You

(Science Daily) Exercise in the open air is good for you, but if you want to reap the full benefits you should head for the coast or the countryside rather than an urban park…
Katherine Ashbullby and her colleagues … studied data from 2750 English respondents drawn from Natural England's two-year study of people's engagement with the natural environment. They looked at people who had visited urban parks, the countryside and the coast.
They found that all outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings (enjoyment, calmness, refreshment), but that visits to the coast were most beneficial and visits to urban parks least beneficial. This finding remained when the researchers took account of factors like people's age, how far they had traveled, the presence of others and the activity they undertook.
Community: We’ve already seen that spending time in natural environments appears to improve behavior, is good for our mental health (more here, here, and here), good for our physical health (more here and here), and even being in sight of the natural environment helps us heal faster when we’re injured or ill.
And it just so happens that during this next week, national parks are free. From the USA.gov Team, via email: “During National Park Week (April 21-29), all national parks offer free admission. Whether you spend a few hours at a park near you, or take a few days to explore a park further from your home, enjoy America's great outdoors!”
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